The founder Mr. Sanjay Mehta tells us how he navigated the brand through all the bulls and bears and how the brand name ‘Liner’ established itself as the no. 1 formal shirt brand in Bombay. Liner is not only an affordable brand but its quality speaks for itself. Liner is the Dmart of formal shirts, where the theory has always been how to sell the best quality at the lowest price possible and it has been since its inception.  

The current Vice President (Sales & Operations) Mr Kashish Mehta talks about how the brand evolves and competes with modern day brands like Van Huesen, Peter England. He tells us that customer is of at-most value and every individual be it rich or poor should have an access to value brands like liner where value meets quality. He tells us that a country like India, where 24% of the world’s cotton is manufactured, shouldn’t be liable to high prices like that of its peers. The goal is to source cheap cotton, manufacture best cloth and pass on the benefits of value cloth to the customer in the form of apparel where high quality meets lowest price. The range of liner shirts starts at Rs 495/- and ends at Rs 695/-.

He further explains how Covid has revamped the business. He tells us that Covid forced them to think in a different direction where the company could diversify. Mr. Kashish Mehta had already laid out the foundation for semi casuals in its new brand name ‘Lan Alan’ in 2017. The sales of this brand picked up when work from became more prevalent and when formal attire was slowly losing its edge. He also started a high quality shirt brand named ‘Zinzca’ (D to C) to diversify the business. The sales have picked up in both of these brand and further bolstered its overall sales. The company has also started catering corporate orders. It has entered into a long term contract with several corporate players to further bolster its sales. One of the turnaround came when the company started focusing on lowering its credit period. Though the process as the Mr Kashish explains was very tedious to explain all the active 700 customers but the fruits of which can be seen today on its balance sheet. The company reduced the credit period from 90 days to a record 30 days. Since the time Mr Kashish Mehta entered the business he has been a revelation and has had a CAGR of close to 38% in sales despite Covid.

Such small stories go unnoticed. In an industry dominated by corporate, ecommerce heavy, mall heavy, Instagram bands, we were privileged to meet one of such success stories post Covid.


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