On 15th September, we met the C.E.O. of Meghavi Creations, Mr. Kashish Mehta. We wanted to interview a few curious next generation minds who manage their family business. We stumbled upon a clothing brand which has been selling in Bombay since 35 years and according to the retailers it is the heart of Bombay and brand of its customers not for the retailers, distributors or any other selling mediums. The name of the brand is ‘Liner shirts’ and has made a mark in its CSR activities under the leadership of Mr. Kashish Mehta

What does CSR mean to you and how have you tried to make a difference in the society?

CSR basically means for us to give back to the society and provide positive social values. We as a company have always been curious as to how we can make a difference. In 2019, we started replacing some part of our packaging from plastic to paper. We manufacture formal shirts and these shirts had plastic price tags, plastic butterfly (to support the collar of the shirt), plastic support sheet (for the structure of the ironed shirt to stand on) and plastic patti (to support the inner and outer part of the collar). We started replacing the plastic price tags with paper price tags at first by using them on 1000 shirts and see if it doesn’t change the look of the shirt. We were successful and then slowly by the end of 2019 we replaced the whole production line with paper price tags. By 2021, we started experimenting with paper and foam sheets to support the structure of the shirt. That was the game changer for us as the structure was sturdy and we could replace 50% of the plastic used in packaging. Currently we are trying to replace the plastic butterfly and plastic patti with some form of sturdy paper. If we were using 100 tons of plastic at the end of 2018, we brought that down to 35 tons of plastic.


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